S.H.E Solutions


To create lasting partnerships with our Clients to ensure that you have a sustainable SHE management program which will enhance your SHE culture and ensure legal compliance.

Our Philosophy

To work within your specific environment to create a targeted, business specific intervention that will enable your SHE compliance. Our role is to understand your needs and design a custom program which is efficient and cost effective to your business.

Wipcorp SHE solutions will be your in-house SHE resource without the need to maintain your own SHE department.

SHE is a bottom line enabler. Money invested in SHE will yield a long-term advantage, both in terms of ensuring the Health and Safety of your people, as well as ensuring that your exposure to risk is managed and mitigated.

What we offer

With our experience and network of consultants, including a HR database of over 1000 SHE resources. We will walk you hand in hand through the process of identifying where you are now and where you need to be; Ensuring that we can tailor make a solution that fits the needs of your business whilst being cost effective.

SHE is a journey; Let us travel on that journey with you.